WooCommerce fraud detection


This module helps you to screen the order transaction for online fraud in WooCommerce. It screens every order transaction and provides you the fraud validation result on the order details page.


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WooCommerce fraud protection: details.

As it was mentioned, in order to escape any suspicious activity and would not be involved in fraudulence, it is mandatory to use platforms that could provide you with prevention modules. For instance, WooCommerce fraud prevention has gotten many positive feedbacks. Payment providers spend a huge amount of resources on the development of increasingly sophisticated anti-fraud technologies designed to reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions to a minimum. The problem is that the burning desire to secure the payment environment usually contradicts with the need to earn today a little more than yesterday. Under normal condition, merchants have two main intentions. The first one is increase in conversion and next is the immediate increase in revenue. By the way, these concepts are the most often discussed in initial analytical meetings with ECommPay specialists. It is a need to combine these heterogeneous phenomena, like conversion and security, and make them work for you. All of these services are possible with the help of WooCommerce fraud detection. By the way it is pretty straightforward in using. This module provide with the possibility of ordering the transactions for online fraud. Furthermore, it screens every order transaction and at the same time provides with fraud validation results on the page detail order. The detailed instruction of installation and usage are described at the main page, however at first you need to get valid Alfaprotection license key to function and sign up for a free 30-day trial period. As far as prices are concerned, they feature from $14 for single site to $199 for Premium Subscription. WooCommerce to provide with such a necessary information like, for example, the country of user, which order is it, first or second and is it free email address or not? This data could evaluate potential risk of the transaction and gives some priceless pieces of advice how to figure out this kind of situation.

Fraud Is Considered To Be Really Dangerous For Commercial Business.

Commerce fraud is really up-to-date and widespread issue. Many commerce enterprises try to protect themselves from fraudulent activity that could cost them an arm and a leg. The thing is that in era of Internet technologies numerous of shopping items can be ordered via internet. In such an easy way, the possibility is higher that merchants have the risk of becoming a fraud target in IT sphere. On the other hand, every problem has its solution. The vast majority of cohesive companies use specialized computer systems to detect fraudulent activity that can detect "non-standard" behavior of subscribers. The bright example is WooCommerce fraud protection.

What is better to choose: security or conversion?

In order not to get between devil and deep sea, it is better to keep a golden mean. There are some tips that could change the course of commercial business in the Internet once and for all. If the merchant studies client before the initial configuration, assigns personal fraud manager and carry out numerous of improvements and analysis, there is every likelihood of avoiding fraud. Finding an ideal balance between conversion and security is the result of well-thoughtful strategic decisions in adaption to the most appropriate anti-fraud systems and various techniques to increase conversion. In this aspect, an inseparable help will be a thorough analysis of each new client. After all, based on the information received, it will be possible to make an individual proposal guaranteeing the expected result. This theory is tried and tested and went through the process of trial and error, so it deserves trust without doubts.

What is situation worldwide regarding this problem?

As far as analytics say, it is predicted a new wave of fraud in third-generation networks. In the future, fraud will manifest itself, first of all, in the field of mobile and online commerce. More and more people are booking and using trains or buses’ services. In numerous countries, subscribers pay small goods and services via SMS-transactions, transfer money from one bank account to another. Soon, payment for goods on the phone will become commonplace. Moreover, if earlier the main purpose of scammers was illegal access to communication channels, now they are gradually reoriented to content, the price of which repeatedly exceeds the cost of cheap connection minutes.

Unfortunately, the spread of e-commerce services will open new horizons for criminal activity. For example, scammers will try to pay for goods on credit through cloned SIM cards. In these cases, effective fraud detection methods, such as identifying too long and frequent telephone connections, are useless.


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