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Nowadays, more and more people take an active interest in e-commerce. The reasons for that are quite obvious:

  • It is more convenient than traditional business because it offers an opportunity to organize the business without having to leave your house;
  • The business can be launched within a day;
  • All operations are carried out much swifter;
  • The majority of online businesses have a global reach which can be translated into substantial profits, even if the seed capital isn't large.

Conducting online sales, which involves opening a store, is one of the most popular types of e-commerce activities. There are plenty of platforms that allow online entrepreneurs to launch a store without having to worry about finding a warehouse and creating a logistics chain. OpenCart is perhaps a prime example of successful e-commerce platforms which provides multiple tools for convenient management of online stores. However, there aren't many trustworthy services for fraud detection and fraud prevention in OpenCart.

Various fraudulent practices on the Internet have become a real plaque of modern business. There are many maleficent activities which can do immense harm to any online business, particularly online stores, which conduct financial operations on a daily basis. Some of the frauds include:

  • Phishing,
  • Advance fee scams,
  • Bad check scams,
  • Fake money orders,
  • Affiliate fraud,
  • Merchant fraud and many others.

But being aware of these problems is obviously not enough if you want to run a safe and successful online store. Fraud detection in OpenCart should be integral to your day-to-day entrepreneurial activities. That is when Alfa Protection technology really comes in handy.

Alfa Protection is a state-of-the-art fraud detection tool which now can be easily applied to OpenCart. What's special about Alfa Protection software is that it not only detects the suspicious activities but also provides exclusive OpenCart fraud prevention services. It's a well-known axiom that it's better to prevent fraud than to deal with its consequences. The good news is that the team of our brilliant developers has recently finished working on a special module, which allows quick and effortless integration with any online store management system, particularly OpenCart. But before getting into details about this innovative module, we would like to acquaint you with the main features of Alfa Protection.


  • Alfa Protection provides a thorough analysis of purchasing activities of every single buyer in your store, and rates using a sophisticated fraud-detection algorithm. Every buyer is then rated from 0,1% (honest buyer) to 100% (confirmed fraudster). This feature is called Risk Score.
  • There is a special customization tool which is called Rule Engine. It allows the user to set his/her own preferences regarding the strictness of the OpenCart fraud detection process. For instance, if the buyer purchases more than $200 worth of products, his profile will be subject to a rigorous audit.
  • The users can also create their own lists of buyers and even countries that should be banned from their online stores, thus deriving fraudsters from even the slightest opportunity to commit a crime.
  • Additional protection is also provided via two-factor authentication and special SMS gateway.

The special module by Alfa Protection, which is called (name of the module) will allow any user to integrate our powerful fraud prevention tool in OpenCart without the slightest problem. It will definitely save you tons of precious time, your business reputation, and, needless to say, money. Here are other advantages of the new Alfa Protection module:

  • Quick integration to ensure the swiftest OpenCart fraud detection. The user can add the (name) module to his/her online storein just a few clicks, thus eliminating the need to pay for the assistance of programming experts.
  • The module includes a full package of OpenCart fraud protection services by Alfa Protection which can be applied immediately.
  • The OpenCart fraud detection module will give an instant boost to the safety of your business activities. You can even add a banner to your landing page which will read "the safest store on the Internet”.  
  • The module provides will allow you to manage all financial risks while receiving and sending payments.

The module by Alfa Protection will take the fraud detection in OpenCart to the new level. Now you can rest assured that all your operations are conducted in an absolutely safe environment.  

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