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We are pleased to announce that Device FingerPrint is now available for use.
This tool allows you to identify devices with an accuracy up to 100% regardless of the type of browser, be it a computer, mobile phone or tablet.

The following abilities are available:

  • Click Fraud protection. You can clearly track the unique and non-unique devices on a graph, and act as the situation dictates.
  • Payment Fraud protection. We track and store the unique Device Fingerprint of the device from which the attack was performed, and notify our entire network. Next time, the attacker will be identified, even when he is using a completely anonymous proxy.

  • Account hijacking protection. You keep track of all users’ devices and receive geo-data from us. Thus it becomes possible to send notifications regarding suspicious activities, block vital functions, grant permissions and so on. We also recommend using two-factor authentication. This is the best protection against password selection and theft.

  • Poor-quality content – in just a few clicks you can block unwanted commentators, trolls and bots.

  • Abuse of promotions - it is often the case that promo activities such as discounts, special offers, etc., suffer because the same users try to participate in an unscrupulous manner; they use ill-gotten promo-codes and create fake accounts, impersonating someone else. We can put a stop to this unwanted activity. Simply connect to our API and build trust with your customers.

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