Poor-Quality Content

Protection of any Internet resource should be comprehensive. One of the elements that need constant monitoring is content, especially the part that is created by the users themselves. It can be comments or reviews, posts or notes - depends on the specificity of the resource. It is the part of the content that spammers try to get through. Spreading ads and other unwanted ads, they cause problems for users, administrators and site owners.

How dangerous is spam? The abundance of spam on an Internet resource can cause:

How to understand that the site has problems with spam? Obviously, the situation with spam requires constant and tight control. There are a number of indicators that can indicate that there is something wrong with the user content:

If you track the actions for all of these indicators, then the amount of spam on the resource can be not just controlled, but prevented from appearing. Accordingly, users who have been seen in the distribution of offensive, undesirable or low-quality content can be tracked and blocked.

Thus, spam is a problem for many sites and online stores, but using such a protection tool as a resource's digital imprint, this problem can be solved once and for ever.