Click Fraud Protection

Owners and users of sites and online stores regularly face network fraud. One type of fraud is click fraud. The fraudster proceeds tallow advertising links, the content of which does not interest him, and with the help of deceptive clicks imitates the user's transition to the advertisement.

Who is profitable? First of all, click fraud is beneficial for webmasters, as well as competing resources and online stores. The advertiser, having ordered contextual advertising in the format of "pay-per-click" for his website, product or service on another resource, because of the click fraud instead of interested users in his offer, receives only the wasted advertising budget. All funds go to unscrupulous webmasters and competitors who are able to organize whole campaigns and automated botnets for clicking banner advertising.

What does it look like? It can be conditionally divided into several types:

1) technical - following referral links for search engines that index sites;

2) from the side of webmasters - unscrupulous webmasters are able to increase the profitability of their own advertising platform manually or through specially created automated systems;

3) on the part of advertisers - click fraud is used by unscrupulous advertisers who pass on their own advertising links and advertisements, in order to increase the clickability of their banner.

4) on the part of competitors - a competing resource or an online store using deceptive clicks deprives the advertiser of new customers and reduces the effectiveness of its advertising.

When is the time to suspect that something is wrong? Click fraud is regularly used by scammers for profit, so you should always monitor the technical information of your site. This will allow to prevent unfair actions in time and minimize negative consequences for users and the budget. The main signs of an ongoing or preparing click fraud are:

How to fight? Thus, today click fraud is one of the most common types of network fraud. Deceptive clicks lie in wait for advertisers and owners of Internet resources at every turn. However, they all have an effective means of protection - the technology of a digital fingerprint. It allows you to protect the site from all types of manual and automatic click fraud, thereby improving the performance of advertising campaigns and save the budget.