Abuse of Promotions

One of the most popular means of attracting the audience are promotions and promotional codes. However, you need to be extremely cautious with this method of advertising, for sure not only conscientious users will want to use such bonuses, but also scammers.

The main goal of the promotions is to attract new users who, taking advantage of special offers, will be able to use a product, service or service free of charge (often temporarily). And all this is for making them loyal and paying customers. But not all users approach to such beneficial offers in good faith: among them there are those who wish to circumvent the terms of the promotion or find a loophole in them. This can lead to a disruption of the promotion, additional marketing costs and costs for dealing with such fraudsters.

To understand how to deal with such intruders, first it is necessary to  determine how and in what cases the conditions of promotions and discount offers are abused.

One-off promo codes and discounts

They are used to induce the user to use some kind of service or application. "One code - one user" is the basic rule of such promotion. But scammers find loopholes in the system and abuse this rule, gaining more and more new codes. In addition, they can publicly disseminate information on how to circumvent the terms of the action, and this will lead to even greater financial losses.

Referral fees

This scheme operates according to the following principle: if a customer follows to a resource by a special referral link of new users, then he can have some "privileges" (coupons, discounts or free provision of goods/services). Obviously, if the limit on the number of such "friends" is not established, then intruders can take advantage of this loophole. For example, by organizing a network of fake accounts or a botnet.

Partner payments

Individual companies or branches of large corporations often conclude partnership deals for more effective promotion of their goods/services. Part of this deal may be the condition under which the partner company will receive additional payments for customers coming from it, for example, by special coupons or codes. This can be the object of manipulation by unscrupulous companies - they, like referrals, can also use the tactics of fake accounts or botnets.

To track down intruders who fraudulently benefit from promotions is rather difficult. To do this, it is necessary to constantly monitor the behavior of users (especially referrals, if the scheme is used with payments for referrals), the history of their orders, communication with other accounts, data on geolocation and other information. In addition, it is worth remembering three simple recommendations for dealing with such fraudsters: